Essential Tips and Tricks for Transforming Your Home with Paint

Top Tips for Interior and Exterior House Painting

Painting the interior and exterior of a house is not as straightforward as many people think. There are several factors at play. One wrong step and your hard work and money can go down the drain or you may inadvertently damage a surface. You need to cover all the bases and plan everything in advance. To help you avoid mistakes and ensure flawless execution, we have compiled a list of house painting tips. Take a look.


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Wait for the Right Weather

Weather can play a major role in determining how smoothly your paint job goes and the final look of the painted surfaces. Do not paint on a rainy day as humidity can cause paint to drip and increase drying time.

The best time to paint is early summer and early fall. The weather conditions during early spring and early fall are perfect for painting. Temperature swings are usually not observed during early spring and early fall. Stable temperatures ensure the paint gets the chance to dry and cure properly.

Perform a Thorough Visual Inspection and Prepare the Area Properly

Careful and thorough surface preparation can add years to the useful life of your paint.
Before painting an area, inspect the surfaces in it for cracking, peeling, and flaking. Painting a surface with several imperfections is a sheer waste of time, effort, and money. To ensure your paint job lasts, prepare the surfaces properly by sanding and scraping them.


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Clean greasy, unsightly spots with soapy water. Once you get rid of ugly spots and stains, rinse the surface with clean water. Wipe it down with a clean cloth so your paint has a clean and dry surface to properly adhere to.

Remember to Protect Your Possessions in the Room Before Painting It

When painting a room, paint can splash on the items in it or splatter on the floor ruining the appearance of the room.

Move your possessions such as furniture, artwork, and anything else you do not intend to paint to another room. If the furniture and/or hardware in the room is too heavy to move, cover them and the floor with a plastic sheet. Use small plastic sandwich bags secured with tape to cover doorknobs.

Use Primer

Priming ensures the paint adheres properly to the surface. When done correctly, priming can make a paint job last longer. For clean, smooth surfaces, paint and primer combinations will do. However, if there are any issues with the wall you want to paint or you don’t remember the last time you painted it, you will want to use a separate primer.

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