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Diamond Painting is a professional, renowned painting contractor serving the areas of Napa Valley, Marin, Windsor, and Sonoma County. We have years of experience giving dull, uninspiring spaces a radical makeover.

Cost overrun is a major concern for homeowners. We plan everything and leave nothing to chance in order to prevent cost and time overruns. We leverage our experience and expertise to cut costs without cutting corners, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We equip our pros with specialized tools to enable them complete tasks swiftly and efficiently. Developed by industry experts, our processes are designed to help steer clear of costly errors that can negatively affect paint performance and lifespan.

Most interior house painting projects fail because of the painter’s shortsightedness. They fail to plan for unexpected events and are caught off guard when they occur. At Diamond Painting, we leave no stone unturned to make every project a success. When planning projects, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the factors at play. Our technical knowhow and experience managing interior house painting projects allows us to foresee project challenges and plan in advance to overcome them.

Our experience has taught us that situations beyond our control can arise despite all necessary precautions. Therefore, we always have a contingency plan B ready to ensure that our team quickly adapts to the situation if faced with an unexpected event.

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